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Painful conditions in male urology

There may be occasions after previous infection, surgery or injury that painful conditions for men occur in the urological organs, for example, penis, testicles, bladder or prostate. If your GP thinks one of these organs could be causing pain then they may refer you to a urologist.

Types of pain

Testicular pain is very common and has many causes. These include, infection, previous surgery, tumours in the testicle, or pain radiating to the testicle from elsewhere in the body. A careful history and examination is required. Almost always an ultrasound examination of the testicles will also be needed. Treatment very much depends on the underlying cause and ranges from reassurance, to tablets and in some cases surgery. Close liaison with other medical specialists including those in radiology and pain clinics is sometimes required.

Sometimes the prostate is the source of the pain.  Either inflammation or infection in the prostate can cause prostatitis. This can present as pain in the perineum – particularly when sitting down, or with urinary difficulties.  We are able to offer rapid assessment and treatment of this problematic diagnosis.  We have well-established links with Consultant colleagues within the Pain service on the occasion that standard treatments are unsuccessful.

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